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   Category: our product range >> Gauges - Digital Manifold >> Digital Manifold 2-VALVE - SMAN2 & SMAN3
Digital Manifold 2-VALVE - SMAN2 & SMAN3

The SMAN2 and SMAN3 are the intuitive, digital manifolds for the HVAC&R Technician. A key feature that leaves the others behind is the ability to do Target Superheat for fixed orifice AC systems. Unbeatable value in the SMAN3 with a built-in Vacuum Gauge, measuring down to 50 micron!

Warranty two [2] years Australia only

Features and Inclusions

  • Measures Temperature x 2 (°C/°F)
  • Measures Pressure x 2 (cmHgV-KPa/inHgV-PSIg)
  • Measures Vacuum in microns (SMAN3 only) with Hi and Lo adjustable Vacuum alarm points with vacuum timer function
  • Calculates Actual Superheat and Subcooling
  • Calculates Target Superheat for Fixed Orifice systems
  • Huge backlit extreme Temp Display with toughened Polycarbonate Face shield
  • 39 Refrigerants built-In. Includes latest R22 alternatives
  • Easy Temperature calibration
  • Baseline and Span Pressure Calibration
  • Long Battery life with Auto Power-Off
  • Simultaneous display of Target Superheat, Superheat and Subcooling 
  • Magnetic Hook & Thermocouple Clamp storage
  • Draw-string pouch & hose storage ports
  • Sight glass for indication
  • Wet and Dry bulb K-Type thermocouples included in both models
  • Dual Fieldpiece K-Type Pipe Thermocouples Code : ATC1 (SMAN3)

Download Specification and Operating Data