The brand Fieldpiece has been significant within the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry for over two decades. Fieldpiece Engineers continue to improve & develop products for the HVAC-R Technician to get the data needed for diagnosing systems.                      

The product range is suitable for several industries and trades needing specialist measurements for specific jobs. Plumbers & Electricians are also getting great value & benefits from various test & measure instruments suitable for their field. 

At Fieldpiece Australia from our location in southern Newcastle area in New South Wales, we supply Wholesalers throughout Australia. Internationally, we service New Zealand & Fiji. Other International enquiries please use our Contact Page so we may assist.


What's New.......
Check out our wireless range of probes 100metre Range & all probes future loggable.... Sync directly to your smart device via Joblink System App!
Fieldpiece just does more


Logging & Trending is now activated.. 

Simply connect your probe to the Job Link App & follow the update procedure. Log multiple parameters at one time to get the right analysis of your system. The JL3RH Psychrometer Probes allow you to log Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, & RH%. Use for Medium to High Temp systems.

To obtain a Superheat or Sub-Cool Log, add the refrigerant in the field provided after downloading your data from the JL3PR pressure Probe..... the Saturation Temperatures will show for your readings. Meld the table cells from your JL3PC Pipe Clamp Probe Log... either Suction or Liquid line & your superheat or subcooling values will be presented.

Use the JL3PC to test your delta T. across the filter drier.... Temperature differences over 1.0 degrees C need to be monitored for loss of system efficiency.

TIP... to obtain system kW Performance, use 2 x JL3RH probes for On coil & Off coil temperature measurement.. add the air flow & your live coil performance is captured... share the reading or tune accurately for an improved system function.




Have you got one of our VP85INT Vacuum Pumps yet ?

2 stage : 241 l/min : 4 x access ports : 20 second oil change [ no machine stop required] A2L refrigerants suitable [ R32, R1234yz.... ]

Includes 2 x RunQuick Oil containers [ filled ]
Need extra Oil for your pump - check out our stocked range





 You will never look back after having the MR45INT Recovery Machine ...
 A fast & efficient machine with the most packed features on the market today!
​ Designed by Fieldpiece Engineers specifically for the HVAC-R Industry


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