Fieldpiece Job Link System compatible tools either communicate directly to your mobile device or communicate to your mobile device via the JL2 long range transmitter.  

Tools developed prior to 2017 (SMAN460, SDP2, SC460/SC660) use the long range transmitter for extra distance because Bluetooth technology was limited to 30' (9 meters) at the time the tools were designed.

The new Job Link System JL3 Probes use a more advanced Bluetooth technology and communicate directly to the Job Link System app, without the need for the JL2 transmitter.  This Beacon Bluetooth Technology gives +100 metre range! Just what you need to get inside or outside measurements with your gear...

While some tools need the transmitter and other do not, all Job Link System tools can be used at the same time with all readings seamlessly displayed in the app.

 When using Job Link you can receive multiple measurements from multiple locations in real-time, assisting in reducing call backs by getting everything just right & system tuned. Visit our dedicated website at & download a free version to see what it is like to have an extra right-hand man on every Job you go! 

The Products listed work directly with the Job link system.
JL3 Probes & Clamps work directly with the Job Link APP
without the need for the JL2 transmitter. 
  • 4-Port Digital Manifolds (JL2 required)
  • SDP2 Dual In Duct Psychrometer (JL2 required)
  • SC460 Clamp Meter (JL2 required)
  • SC660 Clamp Meter (JL2 required)
  • Job Link System Probes (NO JL2 required)
  • SRS3 Wireless Refrigerant Scale (NO JL2 required)



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